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Nursing is one of the most crucial jobs in the health care service sector. No proper health care can be established without nurses. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are only 10 nurses for every 1000 persons in US. Also, there are quite substantial amount of vacancies in this field in United States. As of 2014, there were approximately 3 million jobs. If you are interested in this noble profession then you should be looking for nursing schools near me in organic search engines like Bing or Google.

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Know The Basic Types of Nursing Degree Programs

Nursing provides a large opportunity for growth. If you are sincere and passionate about this profession, then you can develop your skills with various levels of nursing programs. There are short courses, diploma as well as degree programs available in almost every modern country so that you can become a RN or Registered Nurse as per the country laws. There are many schools for online nursing degree programs which you can opt. Following are some of the nursing programs near you that are commendable for a holistic to a specialized level of training and knowledge in this field:

  1. LPN or LVN: LPN and LVN are short forms for Licensed Practical Nursing or Licensed Vocational Nursing respectively. This takes only a year to complete. You need to enroll in a community college or a hospital that provides this course.
  2. Associate Degree of Nursing or ADN: It takes two years to complete. This is offered by many vocational institutes and community colleges. You can study this on a part time basis. Many study this as weekend courses.
  3. Bachelor of Science or BSN: This is a four years program that should be pursued on a full time basis. This course will contain lab work as well as course work. Thus it is difficult to successfully accomplish on a part time basis.
  4. Masters of Science or MSN: This is two years of rigorous course pursued by few nurses who want to specialize in this field of study.
  5. Doctorate Program: This is the most advanced degree in this field. This three years program will help you develop both your clinical techniques as well as your leadership skills in the field of nursing. You will pursue in-depth research. Many students pursuing this course become an educator or an administrator in nursing and related fields.

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The Basic Advantages of Bridge Programs In Nursing

The main advantages of pursing bridge courses in the nursing field are:

  1. These courses have much smaller duration.
  2. They are recognized as degrees parallel with the full time course.
  3. They are meant for working nurses. This means you can complete these courses while you work.

However, a nurse with a full time degree has better advantages than who has pursued a bridge course.

What Is The Most Popular Nursing Bridge Course?

BSN and MSN programs are mostly opt by professionals in this field. LPN to RN and RN to MSN are the most popular bridge programs in this category. In all cases, the previous nursing degree needs to be from an accredited university. If you are interested in dentist nursing, you can find the popular dentists near your area.

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